Our Vision

To be the recognized and reliable provider of automobiles, engine lubricants and batteries solutions, products & services

Our Mission

To spearhead the distribution of reliable quality products & solutions, supported by professional and innovative technical services

Our Value

To serve with the highest level of professionalism & to grow through integrity, quality teamwork & diligence

We Work Hard To Deliver High Quality Products & Reliable Service To Customers Since 1968

Founded & forged in 1968 by Mr. Law Gek Chiong, who started the business as a bicycles & sewing machines trader, and was subsequently joined in with the involvement of his 5 sons…

Today, they embody the Ghee Hua Group of Companies legacy as the Board of Directors, steering the direction & future of this unique organisation respectively.

Over 50 Years of Family Company

Established in 1968 with humble beginnings, aspiring to supply and sell bicycles and sewing machines which are of good & reliable quality as a trading company. The business was found as means of goodwill to the people of Kuching, Sarawak and has grown ever since… Today, Ghee Hua Group of companies consists of a business chain encompassing a diverse lines of :-
  • Automobile sales, distribution, & after sales services of motorcycles, passenger cars & commercial trucks
  • Sales & distribution of automotive lubricants and batteries
  • Commercial & Industrial business
  • Hire Purchase & Credit Services
  • Warehouse & Logistics
  • Vehicle registration, insurance & road tax registration & renewal
  • Properties & Real Estate

The Ghee Hua Company surpasses decades of growth with a commitment, not only towards enriching the industry but as well as to upgrade the public’s livelihood at the same time.

Ghee Hua Group’s sense of professionalism can be seen simply by looking at how the locals continuously favor the Brand. With a clear attention to deliver high quality products & reliable service to their customers since 1968, mutual trust is their true currency.